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    The Motive PTO AUX cable (Cable-5005) captures PTO (power take-off) activity. This helps in obtaining accurate usage data, such as information on location and duration of PTO use, classifying idling due to PTO, and providing alerts during unsafe scenarios where PTO is engaged on a moving vehicle. 
    Note: This is currently available to customers on the Pro and Enterprise subscription package.

    Feature Overview

    PTO Cable: The PTO cable (Cable-5005) is a “breakout harness” cable. It is installed in-between the Vehicle Gateway and any existing Motive vehicle cable. This is used to capture any PTO on/off activity on the vehicle and send that information to the Vehicle Gateway.


    Steps to install this cable & start monitoring the PTO activity on the Fleet Dashboard are mentioned below.

    PTO Reports & Alerts: Once the cable is installed, the user can track the following information on the Fleet Dashboard:
    • Track duration and location of engagement.
    • Classify idle time into PTO time vs. unproductive idle time.
    • Get smart alerts around vehicles moving when PTO has engaged.


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