What are Coaching Reports

    Audience Fleet Managers, Fleet Admins
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard



    Coaching Reports help you measure and track the results of your Driver coaching and safety program efforts. These three reports are available in the Fleet Dashboard.

    1. Driver Safety Performance 
    2. Driver Coaching Effectiveness
    3. Fleet Coaching Trend


    How Coaching Reports Help You

    The Coaching Reports provide visibility into Driver performance trends across all unsafe behaviors detected by Motive, AI, and telematics-based. Utilize the Coaching Reports to better coach Drivers on unsafe driving habits and understand the impact coaching is having on their safety performance over time.


    Coaching Reports Overview

    • Driver Safety Performance
    • Driver Coaching Effectiveness
    • Fleet Coaching Trend


    Driver Safety Performance 

    Track Drivers’ safety behaviors over time, with behaviors broken down by event severity level and coachability.


    Driver Coaching Effectiveness

    Track the effectiveness of coaching at reducing repeat unsafe behaviors.


    Fleet Coaching Trend

    Track the percentage of Drivers that are coachable and coached.

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