How does Motive help to monitor and manage carbon emission?

    Audience Fleet Managers, Fleet Admins
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard > Fuel



    As the total carbon emissions is growing at a global scale, Motive aims to help fleet managers be aware of their carbon footprint and take responsible steps. They can have a better view of the estimated total carbon emissions for the fleet and reduce their carbon footprint.

    It helps fleets in the following ways:

    • Have a better look at the estimated carbon emissions.
    • View estimated carbon emission at driver, vehicle and trip level.
    • Invest in carbon removal offsets.

    The information can be accessed from Fuel Reports. Fleet managers can access the marketplace for carbon emission offset solutions from the Fuel page while related reports can be accessed from the same page in the Quick Links section.

    Note: This is available to all Pro & Enterprise customers who have access to Fuel Hub.


    Vehicle Fuel Performance

    Furthermore, the Estimated Carbon Emission is displayed in the Vehicle Fuel Performance Report.



    Driver Fuel Performance

    Estimated Carbon Emission is displayed in the Driver Fuel Performance Report.


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