How to track vehicle speed from the Motive Fleet Dashboard

    Audience Fleet Admins 
    Applies To  Fleet Dashboard > Fleet View 



    Motive allows the Fleet Admins to track the vehicle’s speed from the Fleet Dashboard.


    Steps: Tracking vehicle speed from Fleet Dashboard 

    1. From the Motive Fleet Dashboard, search for a Vehicle or select one from the list or select a vehicle on the live Fleet View Map.


    2. Once the vehicle is selected you can click on Profile to view more details.


    3. On the Vehicle Profile page, click View Location to see the breadcrumb trail of the driving history.


    4. Click on the breadcrumb trail and you should get a prompt in the map on the left that will display the speed of the vehicle for that particular trip.


    Note: Motive Pro Subscribers and above can access additional telematics like ENGINE LOAD, ENGINE INTAKE, COOLANT, BATTERY, and PRESSURE.




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