How to restrict the Fleet Manager’s feature access

    Audience Fleet Admins
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard > Admin > Fleet Users



    As a Fleet Admin, you are required to update features’ access to a Fleet Manager on multiple occasions. Fleet Dashboard ensures that you face no trouble while doing so.


    Steps: Restricting Fleet Manager's feature access

    1. Log in to Fleet Dashboard and click on the Admin icon.


    2. Expand ORGANIZATION dropdown.

    3. Click Fleet Users in the left-hand side menu.


    4. Click the Roles & Permissions tab. 

    5. Click Options in the Actions column of your required user.

    6. Click Edit from the dropdown menu.

    eng img 2.png

    7. Click the checkbox of every feature you want to give access to.

    8. Click the arrow next to a feature to open the dropdown of other features in it.

    9. Once done, click Save at the top right corner.

    eng img 3.png


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