How to view weather conditions on Fleet View

    Audience Fleet Admins, Fleet Managers 
    Applies To  Fleet Dashboard 



    You can view current weather conditions on the Fleet View Live map. Using this feature, Fleet Managers can avoid time-consuming hold-ups and plan their route ahead of time for better operational management.


    Steps: Viewing weather conditions on Fleet View 

    1. Log into the Motive Fleet Dashboard. The Fleet View displays.


    2. To view the current weather conditions, click on the Map Layers icon on the right of the Fleet View. This lets you choose from various options available for map layers.


    3. This map displays both precipitation and snow. To view current precipitation, select Precipitation.


    4. As soon as you do that, the map updates with a Precipitation overlay.

    5. To view the current temperature, select Temperature.


    6. The map updates with a Temperature overlay.

    7. To view the current wind conditions, select Wind.


    8. The map updates to display a wind speed overlay.


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