What is Adverse Driving Conditions Exception?

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    Note: This article is for information purposes only. The feature will be available in version 50 of the Motive driver application.


    Adverse Driving Conditions Exception deal with the drivers encountering adverse driving conditions while operating a commercial motor vehicle. These drivers can exceed the number of driving hours (Hours Of Service) by not more than 2 hours under this regulation. 

    “Adverse Driving Conditions” means conditions that make driving hazardous, such as:

    • Snow, sleet, fog or smoke in sufficient amounts so as to obscure a person’s vision to the extent that the person cannot drive safely.
    • A highway covered with snow or ice.
    • Physical circumstances, other than snow or ice, that make the highway or driving unsafe.
    • Conditions that were not apparent to the driver or the carrier at the time when the trip began.


    Adverse Driving Conditions Exception Regulations

    The Adverse Driving Conditions Exception is allowed in both US & Canada regulations. For more details about the exception, please visit§395.1 (b)(US), SOR-2005-313 Section 76( Canada South and North) andAR 317/2002 (6) (3)  (Alberta). 


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