How to use Location and Proximity Search on Fleet View

    Audience Fleet Admins, Fleet Managers
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard > Fleet View



    Fleet View provides the feature of searching for a location, listing entities by distance, and creating geofences. Fleet Managers and Fleet Admins can find the closest driver or vehicle to a location using Proximity Search in the Fleet View Map.


    Steps: Using Location and Proximity Search on Fleet View

    1. Log in to the Motive Fleet Dashboard and the Fleet View page displays. 


    2. Enter a location into the Search bar at the top of the entity list.


    3. Fleet View also supports searching for Legal Land Descriptions (United States Only), Plus Codes, and Coordinates. Following are some examples of accepted formats:


    Coordinates Formats

    • Decimal degrees (DD): 37.7856552, -122.3984543
    • Degrees, minutes, and seconds (DMS): 37°47'08.4"N 122°23'54.4"W


    Plus Codes

    • Local Code & City - JM7C+JQ Seattle
    • Full Code (including area code) -  84VVJM7C+JQ


    Legal Land Descriptions/Legal Subdivisions 

    • State: NM
    • Principal Meridian: New Mexico Meridian (principal meridian code: 23)
    • Township Number: 33
    • Township Fraction: 0
    • Township DIR: S
    • Range: 20
    • Range Fraction: 0
    • Range DIR: W
    • (Optional) First Division Type: SN
    • (Optional) First Division Number: 31


    Accepted Formats

    • NM230330S0200W0SN310
    • NM, New Mexico Meridian, 33, 0, S, 20, 0, W, SN, 31
    • NM 23 33 0 S 20 0 W SN 31
    • NM, 23, 33, 0, S, 20, 0, W, SN, 31


    4. After performing a search, you’re shown a pin at the specified location and can either choose to Create a geofence here at this location or List nearby entities.


    5. Click Create a geofence here to see the geofence creation screen at the selected location.


    6. Click List nearby entities to see a list of entities sorted by distance displayed within the Fleet View.


    The search option for Fleet View displays coordinate information and allows you to copy this information for every location and use it later when required.


    Note: Fleet View displays the closest street address or plus code when searching by coordinates.


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