How to manage an asset on Fleet Dashboard

    Audience Fleet Admins
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard > Admin > Assets



    Fleet Dashboard allows Fleet Admins to add as many assets as they want to keep their business running. Once an asset has been added, they can manage it by performing actions like view, edit and deactivate.


    Steps: Managing an asset on Fleet Dashboard


    View an Asset

      1. Log in to Fleet Dashboard and click Admin in the bottom left corner.

    Admin new.png

    2. Click the Organization dropdown menu and select Assets from the list.
    image (15).png
    3. Under the Action column, click the three dots.
    4. Click on the View Profile option from the dropdown.


    5. You can view the details of the asset like Type, Name and Model, Length along other details on the page opened.
    6. Click on View History Location to view history of the asset.



    Edit an Asset

     1. From the Options dropdown, click on the Edit Asset.


    2. You can edit Asset ID and VIN under the General section.
    3. Under the Asset Details section, you can edit details like Asset Type, Make and Model, Length, Axels, GVWR, License, Ownership and Notes.


    4. You can edit Asset Gateway Assignment as well.
    5. Click on the Save button once you are done making edits.



    Deactivate an Asset

    1. From the Options dropdown, click on the Deactivate.


    2. Click Yes on the prompt.


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