How to add Risk Factors to Events in Fleet Dashboard


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    Motive provides a tag for each video in the Safety tab that describes the context leading up to a triggering trip. Fleet Managers can identify unsafe driving habits, quickly prioritize which trips to review, and monitor trends. 

    Tags are assigned after the video has been analyzed. If the video is still being processed, 'Analysis in progress...' is displayed in the Tags field (read these links for descriptions on AI Dashcam Tags and Smart Dashcam Tags) under the Details section of the selected event. Fleet Managers are able to add or remove tags at any time. Keep in mind, not every video will have tags. Tags are meant to quickly identify the most important events.

    Follow the steps to learn how to add or remove tags on Scorecard events


    Steps: Adding Risk Factors to Events in Fleet Dashboard

    1. Log into Fleet Dashboard and click on the Safety tab from the left-hand side.
    2. Next, click on the Events tab. Use the filter fields to customize the events.
    3. Filter the events by selecting the appropriate tags in the All Events drop-down menu.
    4. Click on the desired event to open it.
    5. Click on the Risk Factors dropdown menu to see all the available risk tags.
    6. Add or Remove tags by checking or unchecking the box next to each Risk Factor.

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