How to create Alert for Geofence

    Audience Fleet Managers, Fleet Admins
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard > Admin > Alerts



    Fleet Dashboard allows the Fleet Managers and Fleet Admin to create alerts for the geofences of their choice. This allows the Fleet Managers and Fleet Admin to stay alert whenever a vehicle from the fleet enters the geofence for which an alert has been created.

    Note: Motive doesn't use facial recognition in IL and TX.


    Steps : Creating Alert for Geofence

    Creating Geofence Alert from Alerts

    1. Log into Fleet Dashboard and click on the Admin icon.


    2. Click on Alerts under PLATFORM dropdown from the left-hand side menu.

    3. Click on the +Create Alert button.

    Alter Create.png

    4. Enter the name in the Name field, select an Alert type from the dropdown, and select Trigger alert within this geofence from the dropdown as well.

    5. To add drivers, vehicles, groups, and assets, click on the Select button against the Entities field.


    6. Click on the Groups, Drivers, Vehicles, or Assets tab to see the available options.

    7. Click on the checkboxes of the groups, drivers, vehicles, and assets you want to add to the alert.

    8. If you want to include all the drivers, groups, vehicles, and assets, click on the checkbox of All Entities.

    9. Click on the Save Selection button once done.


    10. Click on your desired option under the Trigger range to select the times you want to receive alerts.


    11. Under the Delivery section, click on the Select button in front of the Recipients to add people you want to get alerts.


    12. Click on the tabs of Groups, Drivers and Fleet Users to view the entries of your choice.

    13. Click on the checkboxes of ones you want to include.

    14. Click on the checkbox of All Entities to send alerts to everyone.

    15. Click on the Save Selection button when done.


    16. Click on the radio button of Important to have the notifications and emails of this alert mentioned as important.

    17. Select the desired delivery frequency from Immediate or Scheduled by clicking on their radio buttons.

    18. Select the delivery method by clicking on the tab Email & Notification, Notification Only, and Email Only.

    19. Click on the Select button next to the External Recipients to add external recipients.


    20. Add email address in the given Email Address field and click on the + button.

    21. Click on the Update button.


    22. Click on the Save button once done.



    Create Alert while Creating Geofence

    1. Begin with creating a Geofence from the Fleet Dashboard.

    2. When you are about to save the geofence created, click on the Arrow on the Save button.

    3. Click on Save and Add Alert from the drop down menu.


    4. It takes you to the Create Alert page. Follow the steps from 4 to 22 given above.


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