How to set Waiting Time on 5th Line on Driver App

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    To allow drivers to pause the shift clock, drivers can enable a Waiting Time exemption. This duty status will be a dotted line for the driver in the Off Duty row. 

    Drivers can set their Waiting Time on the 5th Line on the Driver App in the WELL SITE field.

    Note: This feature is only available for the drivers working under Oil and Gas property. You will also need to configure a 24-hour reset period in Compliance settings on the dashboard.



    Steps: Setting Waiting Time on the 5th Line on the Driver App 

    1. Tap on Hamburger icon on the main Home screen.


    2. Tap on Settings.


    3. Select Cycle Rules.


    4. Under the section labeled CYCLE, tap on the field for CARGO TYPE and select Oil and Gas.
    5. Tap on the WELL SITE field under the section labeled OPTIONS. Select Waiting Time on 5th Line to add the exception.
    6. Tap on Save to finish.



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