How to unpair and repair Environmental Sensors

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    An Asset Gateway is crucial to get the most out of your Environmental Sensor. In the cases where you need to replace your current Asset Gateway, the Environmental Sensor will need to be unpaired to the current Asset Gateway and then re-paired to a new Asset Gateway in order for the sensors to function properly


    Steps: Unpairing and repairing Environmental Sensors


    Unpair Asset Gateway from the Environmental Sensor

    1. Sign in to the Fleet Dashboard and click on the Admin button.

    Admin new.png

    2. Click the Organization dropdown menu and select Assets from the list.


    3. Select the Asset Gateway you want to replace. Click on the three dotted button on the right hand side. 

    4. Click on the Edit Asset from the dropdown.

    3 4.png

    5. Scroll down to the Asset Gateway section, click on Remove next to your asset gateway’s number 

    6. Click on Save in the upper right hand corner to save your changes. 


    7. Add the new Asset Gateway to the Fleet Dashboard if you have a new one or assign an existing Asset Gateway to the environmental sensor.


    Repair the Environmental Sensors

    1. Press and hold the reset button of Environmental Sensor for 4 seconds, and then release. The LED will blink red once. This indicates the sensor being unbound from the previous Asset Gateway, and ready to be re-paired


    Note: Any data not uploaded to the Asset Gateway and transferred over to the Motive Fleet Dashboard, will NOT be erased and will be saved on the Environmental Sensor’s memory. When a new Asset Gateway has been assigned and connected to the Environmental Sensor, all data will be transmitted to the Asset Gateway. 


    2. Press and release the same reset button and the LED will start blinking blue for 20 seconds. This indicates that the Environmental Sensor is in the process of connecting  to the newly assigned Asset Gateway. 

    3. Once the Asset Gateway and sensor have paired, the telematics data starts showing up on your dashboard. 

    4. You can confirm the connection by checking the LED after 10 minutes of the pairing process. If the LED is a solid blue, the connection is successful. If it shows blinking blue still, then the device is still in the process of pairing. 


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