Environmental Sensors are not displaying telematics data, and LED has flashed solid blue

    Audience Fleet Admins, Fleet Managers, Drivers
    Applies To Environmental Sensors


    Symptoms: The Environmental Sensor is not displaying telematics data, the button has been pressed and the LED has flashed solid blue.

    • The Environmental Sensor has stopped displaying telematics data. 
    • The button of the Environmental Sensor has been pressed.
    • The LED on the sensor has flashed solid blue indicating that it has connected to the Asset Gateway 






    1. Press and hold the pinhole button for 8-10 seconds, then release.


    2. The LED will start blinking blue for 20 seconds. This will reboot your sensors and maintain the connection to your asset gateway. 
    3. After 10 minutes, press the button again and if the LED shows solid blue, then the connection has been re-established. 
    4. If the telematics data is still not showing up, please contact support or chat with us.

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