Environmental Sensor's LED is blinking red

    Audience Fleet Managers, Drivers, Fleet Admins
    Applies To Environmental Sensors


    Symptoms: The Environmental Sensor is blinking red

    The LED light on the Environmental Sensor is blinking red.


    The Environmental Sensor is having trouble finding & communicating with the Asset Gateway that was previously paired.



    1. Ensure the paired Asset Gateway is close to the Environmental Sensor. 
    2. Press the pinhole button and release to see if the LED flashes blue to confirm the stable connection.
    3. Press the pinhole button on the Environmental Sensor using the given tool for more than 8 seconds, then release to reboot your connection to the asset gateway.
    4. If, at this point, the device is still not able to communicate normally with the Asset Gateway, please reset and reboot your device by following this link. 
    5. Contact Motive support or chat with us if this issue cannot be resolved, as this could be an issue with your Asset Gateway or your Environmental Sensor.

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