How to replace battery of an Environmental Sensor

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    Environmental Sensors come with non-rechargeable CR2477X batteries that allow for better performance in low-temperature situations and have been tested to last at least 3 years under normal usage. Hence, whenever your Environmental Sensor’s LED is solid red, you will need to replace the battery with another CR2477X battery.


    Steps: Replacing the battery of an Environmental Sensor

    1. Flip the device over and using a T6 screwdriver, remove the screws.

    2. Gently remove the battery from the battery holder and replace it with a new battery.

    Note: Please purchase a Murata CR2477X battery when replacing the battery to ensure optimal performance at low temperatures.


    3. Ensure that the waterproofing rubber seal is placed well in the top housing groove.

    4. Place the lid on the back and screw it tightly.


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