What are Environmental Sensors?

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    Environmental Sensor is a smart sensor designed to help Fleet Managers and Fleet Admins monitor their reefer fleet with ease and efficiency. It comes with real time temperature and humidity monitoring making it possible for Fleet Managers to stay updated with the valuable data.


    How can Environmental Sensors help you

    These smart sensors designed to keep Fleet Managers aware of various environmental factors of their fleets comes with the following benefits:

    • Allows real time monitoring of temperature and humidity of fleets.
    • Provides access to historical temperature reports to help with any load claims.
    • Set up temperature alerts to be notified whenever a reefer is not aligned to the desired temperature range.
    • These sensors are compatible with all reefer make and models eliminating the need for additional Thermo King or Carrier accessories. However, you need the Motive Asset Gateway, 4020 cable connected to the reefer, and Motive’s bluetooth based sensors to get real time visibility. 


    Note: Each asset gateway supports up to 6 sensors allowing independent temperature and humidity readings for each zone in a single or multi-zone reefer. Environmental Sensor can only monitor, not remotely control temperature and humidity.


    Environmental Sensors Overview


    Real Time Environmental Monitoring from Fleet View

    The real time monitoring feature of Environmental Sensors allow you to access all the temperature-related information of reefers on the go through the Fleet View.


    Asset Level Temperature Telematics

    The Telematics section of a vehicle allows you to have a real time insight into the asset's temperature and humidity. 


    Reefer Activity Reports

    Reefer Activity Reports give you an unlimited historical  view of the temperature & humidity data for a specific reefer. All reports can be exported for ease of use. 



    Reefer Temperature Alerts

    Reefer Temperature Alerts allow you to get real-time email alerts or notifications whenever your reefer’s temperature is outside your desired range. 



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