TMW Innovative Driver Workflow integration with Motive Driver App

    Audience Drivers, Fleet Managers, Fleet Admins
    Applies To TMS Driver Workflow, Motive Driver App



    TMW Innovative integration connects your drivers to your back office via ruggedized in-cab solutions that improve their safety, efficiency, and job satisfaction. The integration provides tracking and visibility of loads, driver safety, and compliance and simplifies remote task allocation to in-field drivers. The created and dispatched jobs/trips in TMW innovative integration are directed to Motive mobile application. 


    Integration Benefits

    • Pinpoint your loads in real time on a digital map and get accurate ETA information.
    • Receive real-time status updates and form entries from drivers
    • Freeform messaging for communication between drivers and TMS users
    • Monitor HOS status and availability of all drivers
    • Tracking  vehicles that are associated with an active Trip in real-time
    • Based on dispatch locations, the driver receives prompts with auto arrival and departure. Also, the status updates gets communicated back to TMW Innovative integration.
    • Eliminates manual data entry process for dispatching loads and keeping records of drivers and loads.
    • Use fully-customizable forms and geofencing for faster delivery


    System Requirements

    TMW Innovative

    • Version 21.4


    • Enterprise Subscription Package


    Steps: Enabling TMW Innovative integration with Motive Driver App 

    This is a 2-way integration and requires configuration at Innovative’s end as well as Motive’s end. The process for enablement is as follows:

    1. You can request the integration from the Motive App Marketplace, using Innovative tile, clicking install does not install anything on your local machine and alerts the Motive team of your request.

    2. If you contact our Sales/Customer Success representative and express your interest in this integration. Motive informs Innovative about your interest in this integration.

    3. You can contact the Innovative team directly about the integration and Innovative notifies the Professional Services team at Motive.

    4. Professional services team at Motive ensures that:

    a. You are on an ENT plan

    b. You have the required Innovative version

    5. Enable your account for Innovative integration by the assigned Motive’s implementor.

    6. Motive’s implementor will Create & Supply Motive account-specific credentials to Innovative

    a. X-API-KEY 

    b. X-USER-ID

    7. Once the Motive’s implementor provides the credentials, the Innovative’s implementor maps records between two systems and sets up the integration on the innovative side.


    Support for Integration

    Innovative Support

    Email : 

    Phone: +866-914-5299

    Motive Support

    Contact us 


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