EKA TMS Driver workflow integration with Motive Driver App

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    Applies to TMS Driver Workflow, Motive Driver App, Enterprise Subscription



    EKA Carrie Omni-TMTM integrates with Motive Driver App to enable a carrier to optimize dispatch productivity and effectuate timely 2-way communication. 

    EKA TMS integration delivers real-time load movement visibility and predictive ETA, improves carrier cash flow through electronic document capture and transmission and enhances driver compliance with HOS rules. 


    Integration Benefits

    • The integration provides high dispatch productivity
    • Improves on-time delivery with efficient Load visibility
    • Improves cash-flow
    • Enhances compliance and risk management by tracking vehicles live in conjunction with vehicle location, HOS and projected ETA data.
    • Extends approved load assignment updates automatically
    • Assigns multiple loads, manages backhauls, multi-stops, and relays.
    • Seamless integration between operational events and accounting processes
    • Dispatchers can talk to drivers bi-directionally, using the same TMS that powers their businesses, providing an effective way to communicate with drivers.
    • The platform empowers small and medium size freight carriers to fully digitize their business management, collaborate on a real-time basis and, with affordable and best-in-class digital tools, to compete with their much larger and savvy competitors.


    System Requirements


    • None required


    • An API key needs to be generated for the account and company enabled for this feature


    Steps: Enabling EKA TMS integration with Motive Driver App

    This is a 2-way integration and requires configuration at EKA Omni Carriers’s end as well as Motive’s end. The process for enablement is as follows:


    1. Reach out to EKA Representative or Motive Customer Success/Support Team

    1. Reach out to EKA or Motive and request to enable the “EKA” integration.

    2. You can request the integration from the Motive App Marketplace, click install on Innovative tile. Clicking install doesn’t install anything on your local machine but alerts the Motive team of your request.

    3. If you reach out to the EKA team first then the EKA team explains the integration to you and informs the Motive team of your interest in integration.

    4. If you reach out to Motive first then the Motive team explains the integration to you and informs the EKA team.


    2. Motive Enables Your Account for integration and sends you the instructions

    1. Professional Services (PS) team at Motive ensures that:

    a. Your account is on an ENT subscription plan

    2. Motive assigns you an implementer from the PS team and enables your account for EKA integration.

    3. Motive implementer creates the Create & Supply Motive account-specific credentials to you.

    a. Step 1: Create the API User

    b. Step 2: Create API key 


    3. Once Motive implementer provides you with the credentials, you have to provide EKA with the following:

    1. Company ID - This is the Motive ID for the company e.g. KT123456

    2. EKA API Key - It is located on the Company page. 

    3. API User Back-end ID


    4. Customize Dispatch Forms If Required

    1. The Motive implementer ensures if you require any customization to default forms and implement those.


    5. EKA Integration Enablement

    1. The EKA implementer ensures the integration is enabled and charges you accordingly.


    Support for Integration

    EKA Support

    Email : louie@go-eka.com 


    Motive Support

    Contact us 


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