Which Motive Card transactions can I dispute?

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    You can dispute any transaction on your Motive Cards by following the steps below:

    1. Transaction status should be posted. (Pending transactions cannot be disputed).

    2. You should always reach out to the merchant first to settle the disputed amount via phone, email, or through their online support.

    3. If the merchant is not willing to assist or refund the amount, then the user will need to provide us with the following supporting documentation for the disputed transaction:

    • A receipt of original purchase
    • Proof of contact made with the merchant (screenshot of call, email, or online ticket)
    • If the dispute is on an online order, share the email sent from the merchant with the expected delivery date. (We are only able to dispute items 14 days post-delivery date)

    4. Please contact us when ready with the above documentation on hand. Please call (855) 434-3564 and press “3” when you hear the automated help center message to be routed to a dedicated Cards specialist. We will file a dispute on your behalf.


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