My Vehicle Gateway has Code R issue

    Audience Fleet Admins
    Applies To Vehicle Gateway


    Symptom(s): Vehicle Gateway has Code R issue

    • Vehicle Gateway has Code R displayed.



    • Bluetooth Connectivity Issues
    • WiFi Issues




    Bluetooth Troubleshooting

    1. Go to the Bluetooth Settings of your mobile and Unpair or Forget the Vehicle Gateway (KT-xxxxxxxx).

    2. Check if the Vehicle Gateway shows up in the available devices list or not. If not, turn the Bluetooth off.

    3. Log out of the Driver App.

    4. Turn off the engine, remove the key and unplug the cable from the Vehicle Gateway.

    5. Wait 10 seconds and start a timer for 5 minutes.


    Note: Do not turn the vehicle's engine on or plug back the device.


    6. Reboot your mobile phone or tablet with the Vehicle Gateway unplugged and powered off.

    7. Replug the Vehicle Gateway after 5 minutes. 

    8. Turn the engine/ignition on and wait for the LED indicators on the Vehicle Gateway to power up.

    9. Turn the Bluetooth on and select the Vehicle Gateway (KT-xxxxxxxx) from the Bluetooth list.

    10. Log back into the Driver App and try connecting to the vehicle. Once the vehicle is selected successfully the right light will turn green.


    Note: In case the CURRENT VEHICLE tab is not showing up on the application contact support.


    11. If possible, try to establish a connection using a secondary device.

    12. If you still cannot resolve your issue, reach out to our 24/7 Support at (855) 434-3564 or contact support.


    Wi-Fi Troubleshooting

    1. If the troubleshooting Bluetooth does not resolve your issue, the issue lies with your WiFi hotspot.

    2. Get in touch with us to resolve the issue for you.


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