How to view Fuel Purchase Irregularities on Fleet Dashboard

    Audience Fleet Admins, Fleet Managers
    Applies To  Fleet Dashboard > Fleet View



    Fuel Purchase Irregularities feature allows Fleet Admins and Fleet Managers to identify irregular fuel purchases that helps in reducing fuel theft. For each new fuel purchase (either uploaded manually or through integration with EFS) that is added to the fuel hub, Motive attempts to identify if the fuel purchase is irregular. Fuel purchase irregularities are one or more of the following three:

    • A fuel purchase made when the driver is off-duty.
    • A fuel purchase made at a location that does not match the vehicle location for which the fuel was purchased.
    • A fuel purchase made for a fuel type that does not match the fuel type of the vehicle for which the fuel was purchased.
    Note: This feature is currently in beta, and as such, its accuracy may not be 100%. The system is continuously learning, so occasional instances of missed fuel irregularities are expected during this phase.


    Steps: Viewing Fuel Purchase Irregularities

    1. Log in to the Motive Fleet Dashboard and click on Fuel from the left hand-side menu.
    2. The Overview page displays. Actions Center in the Overview page displays the Fuel Purchase Irregularities with the total number of irregularities detected.


    Note: The Fuel Purchase Irregularity feature is available upon request. Kindly contact your Motive representative to enable it for your account.

    3. You can view the Fuel Purchase list page in two ways:
          a. Click on the Fuel Purchase Irregularities in the Action Center
          b. Click on the Fuel Purchases from top menu


    4. The Fuel Purchases page opens with the reason(s) why this fuel purchase was marked irregular.
    5. Fleet Managers can also share their feedback and review whether this is accurate or not. 



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