How to get telematics details for safety events?


    Fleet admins can retrieve safety event videos along with key information like driver, vehicle, date, and time. In addition to this they can also get telematics like speed and acceleration/brake pedal. 



    Fleet Admins


    Applies To

    Dashcams, Safety 



    1. On the admin dashboard got to Safety.
    2. On safety tab, select Events
    3. Once you have got the event, select the download button. 
    4. Choose the source whether you want both cameras video files or only road facing camera video.
    5. You will be getting three options for video type as well that are Raw, Basic and Enhanced
    6. As per your requirement you can select the video type and select Download




    Raw is for original video files without any details. Basic shows information like driver, vehicle, date, and time along with the video files. Advanced includes telematics details like speed and acceleration/brake pedal as well.

    Currently telematics details are only available for safety event videos and not for recalled videos from dashcam. 





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