How to use speed limit editor to update invalid speeding events?

    Audience Fleet Admins, Fleet Managers 
    Applies To  Fleet Dashboard > Safety 



    Fleet Admins/Fleet Managers use Speed Limit Editor feature to report and update invalid speeding events (when the vehicle's speed limit is not the same as highlighted by the system). 

    Speed Limit Editor allows Fleet Admin /Fleet Managers to perform following task: 

    • Add different speed limits as the highlighted map on the right denotes that they can select/unselect different road segments to apply the override to.
    • Set the expiration time for their speed limit to override for it to either be permanent, custom, or updated automatically when Motive receives a more accurate speed limit than what they’ve set.

    Steps: Using Speed Limit Editor to update invalid speeding events 

    1. Log into the Fleet Dashboard and click Safety from left-hand side menu. 

    2. Open Speeding tab. 

    3. Select event for which speeding details were found incorrect. 


    4. On the speeding event detail page, click EDIT to make changes to the speed limit.



    Note: This automatically creates a dispute for the current event and open a map-based editor to edit the speed limit.


    5. By default all the road segments where speeding happened in the event are automatically selected. 

    6. Fleet Admins can Name speed limit overrides and choose the Reason for better trackability.

    7. Fleet Admins can also add Notes and upload evidence such as Photo of the speed limit on the road to provide transparency across their fleet operations.


    8. Click Save. 


    9. You are redirected to the event and a prompt appears at the top confirming that your custom speed limit has been applied.



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