What is Dashcam Configurable Storage?

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    The Dashcam Configurable Storage feature allows Fleet Admins and Fleet Managers to choose the storage capacity of AI Dashcams for recording driving videos. This feature is enabled by following the guidelines mentioned here.


    How Dashcam Configurable Storage Helps You

    The Dashcam Configurable Storage helps you configure the AI Dashcam's storage capacity to four different modes. It’s dependent on the AI dashcam model you use and the mode you select.

    The following table summarizes the recording capacity for AI Dashcam models (DC-53/54) and the impact on recording capacity when each mode is enabled.

    Note: Choose the mode that best suits your Fleet’s requirements because the video quality changes depending on the storage capacity of each selected mode.


    Note: Values in the table represent approximate hours available for recording. The storage capacity can be configured on AI Dashcam models (DC-53 / 54) only and can increase if in-cab audio recording or driver-facing recording is disabled (DC-54 only).


    Mode Description Mode Description Road and driver-facing recording enabled, audio recording disabled (in hours) Road and driver-facing recording enabled, audio recording enabled (in hours) Driver-facing camera disabled, audio recording disabled (in hours)
    Highest video storage Maximum video storage for extended recording events

    200 hrs (DC-53),
    230 hrs (DC-54)

    60 hrs (DC-53),
    100 hrs (DC-54)

    405 hrs (DC-54)

    High video storage Optimal storage for most requirements

    150 hrs (DC-53),
    195 hrs (DC-54)

    55 hrs (DC-53),
    95 hrs (DC-54)

    300 hrs (DC-54)
    High video quality (default) Balanced mode between quality & storage

    90 hrs (DC-53),
    100 hrs (DC-54)

    40 hrs (DC-53),
    60 hrs (DC-54)

    170 hrs (DC-54)
    Highest video quality Maximum video quality for highest video resolution

    45 hrs (DC-53),
    55 hrs (DC-54)

    30 hrs (DC-53),
    40 hrs (DC-54)

    90 hrs (DC-54)


    Dashcam Configurable Storage Overview 

    Highest Video Storage

    The Highest Video Storage mode allows access to maximum video storage capacity at 230 hours (200 hours for DC-53 - Road-facing camera only).



    High Video Storage

    The High Video Storage mode provides an optimal storage capacity of 195 hours, sufficient for most customers (150 hours for DC-53 - Road-facing camera only).



    High video quality (default)

    The High Video Quality (Default) mode balances storage capacity and video quality at 100 hours (90 hours for DC-53 - Road-facing camera only).



    Highest video quality

    The Highest Video quality mode offers maximum video quality with 55 hours of storage (45 hours for DC-53 - Road-facing camera only).



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