What is the AI Dashcam?

    Audience Fleet Admins, Fleet Managers, Drivers 
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    The Motive AI Dashcam works seamlessly alongside the Motive Vehicle Gateway. The AI Dashcam instantly detects unsafe driving behaviors with industry-leading accuracy and alerts Drivers in real time.


    How AI Dashcam Helps You

    AI Dashcam is designed to help Drivers stay safe and compliant on the road. Here is how it helps you:

    • Detects unsafe driving behavior
    • Alerts Drivers about their unsafe driving
    • Adds event for Fleet Managers to view


    AI Dashcam Overview

    • AI Dashcam enables Fleet Managers to ensure the safety of their Drivers on the road.
    • It records the unsafe driving behavior of the Drivers and alerts them about it.
    • Moreover, these videos are then shared with professionals to tag them under various unsafe driving behaviors.
    • Fleet Managers can view these events and sign up the Drivers for training.


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