Getting Started with Motive AI Dashcam

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    Welcome to Motive! We are happy to have you on board. At Motive, we have multiple resources available to help you get started and make the most of your investment. Please open the links listed below to read our onboarding documentation and set up your AI Dashcam for success.


    Step 1: Adjusting and Installing AI Dashcam

    At Motive, we are committed to serving our customers and we take pride in providing top-notch services. Here are complete instructions for installing an AI Dashcam:

    If you are confused as to which Vehicle Gateway works fine with AI Dashcam, you can check the article below:


    Step 2: Testing AI Dashcam

    Once you have mounted and installed the AI Dashcam, you can test it to see if it is working fine. Here is how to test an AI Dashcam:


    Step 3: Using AI Dashcam

    Once your AI Dashcam is installed and running well, you can use it to capture images and videos. Here are some important articles for you to check:


    Step 4: AI Dashcam Alerts

    Here is a complete guide on how you can set up in-cab alerts for AI Dashcam:


    Troubleshooting AI Dashcam

    If you have any trouble while installing the AI Dashcam, we have got you covered. Here is a complete troubleshooting guide that would help you out based on the specific issues with AI Dashcam:


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