PDI/Factor Delivery Track integration with Motive App Marketplace

    Audience PDI/Factor and Motive Customers
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    The PDI/Factor DeliveryTrak® integration with Motive allows you to integrate driver hours of service with the DeliveryTrak software. It helps dispatchers with HOS compliance and delivery scheduling. Also, this integration is for compliance and it offers flexibility in assigning dispatches.


    System Requirements

    Factor Delivery Track

    • DeliveryTrak 8.6.0


    • Subscription: Starter, Pro, Enterprise


    Steps: Enabling PDI/Factor Delivery Track integration with Motive App Marketplace

    Note: This integration is only enabled if you’re a mutual customer of Motive & Factor Delivery Track (PDI) software.

    1. To enable the integration, click Get this App.
    2. As this integration is built on OAuth, it doesn’t involve the API support team to authenticate the installation and doesn't need to share a private API key. 
    3. This integration needs to be set up from the PDI as well. Request the PDI/Factor Support to perform the necessary steps for integration.
    4. Give PDI Software Permission to retrieve Motive data (Once you are notified that Step 2 is completed).
    5. Set up a cross-reference between the ExecuTrak and Motive Driver.


    Support for Integration

    PDI/Factor Delivery Track

    Email: support@pdisoftware.com

    Phone: (254) 410-7600

    Motive Support

    Contact us


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