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    UNIQ TMS integration with Motive enables you to oversee drivers’ HOS and truck locations to better plan their dispatching operations. UNIQ TMS aims to provide valuable services to fleets, aid them in efficiency and automation, and ultimately free them from the burden of multiple tasks. 


    Integration Benefits

    • Know your fleet’s locations for better dispatching.
    • Capture Hours of Service for clinical dispatching needs.
    • Streamline the collection of documents such as PODs, BOLs, tickets, etc.
    • Calculate IFTA with one click.


    System Requirements


    • UNIQ TMS 3.3.0 and higher version


    • Subscription plan: Starter, Pro, or Enterprise.


    Steps: Enabling UNIQ TMS integration with Motive App Marketplace

    Note: Ensure you’re a mutual customer of UNIQ TMS and Motive to enable this integration. 

    1. Click Get this App.
    2. Since the integration is built on API Keys, the integration involves the API support team to authenticate the installation and share a private API key. 
    3. This integration is set up from the UNIQ TMS system. Contact Motive to get an API key.
    4. Log in to your TMS.
    5. Click Tools. Click Preferences and then click ELD
    6. Click Add a new provider and choose Motive.
    7. Enter the name of the integration, choose the company it is for, and how to match documents/drivers/trucks.
    8. Enter the API key received from Motive and click OK.


    Support for Integration


    Email: support@uniqtms.com 

    Phone: 877-556-0175

    Motive Support

    Contact us 


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