How to create a Team for messaging


    Audience Fleet Admins
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard > Admin



    Team Messaging allows Fleet Admins to create a shared inbox for a group of fleet users.  As a team, these fleet users can easily and quickly communicate with a driver.  Support is continuous so that nothing is missed even through shift changes, time off, or personnel changes.  Drivers also never need to worry again about who is around to help from the back office. 


    Steps: Creating a Team for messaging

    1. Log in to Fleet Dashboard and click on the Admin icon.


    2. Click the Products dropdown and select Messaging from the list.

    • All default Admin roles will have permission to create a Messaging Team. 
    • For all other roles, this permission can be turned on by clicking on Manage Messaging Teams via Roles. 

    3. Click on the +Create Team button.


    4. Enter the desired name in the name field.

    5. Click on the Continue button.


    6. Click on the checkboxes of users you want to add as team members.

    7. Click on the Create Team button.



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