How to close and relaunch Motive Driver App on Android

    Audience Drivers 
    Applies To Motive Driver App



    Drivers can close and relaunch the Motive Driver App whenever required.


    Steps: Closing and relaunching Motive Driver App on Android 


    Close Driver App

    1. Once logged in to your Driver App account, swipe in the upward direction from the bottom of your screen, hold for a second, and then remove your finger from the screen. You can see your recently opened applications here. 

    1. Swipe up on the Driver App to remove it from recent applications. 


    Relaunch Driver App

    1. Once closed, tap on the Motive Driver App on your mobile device’s home screen. 

    1. The Driver App loads to relaunch. 

    1. Once relaunched, you can see your Driver App home screen again. 


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