How does my AI Omnicam interact with my Dashcam?

    Audience Fleet Managers, Fleet Admins
    Applies To AI Omnicam



    • AI Omnicam in combination with Dashcam provides complete 360-degree visibility for side, rear, cargo, and passenger monitoring.
    • AI Omnicam and Dashcam continuously record and capture driving events together when installed with Vehicle Gateway on the same vehicle. 
    Note: Ensure using the Vehicle Gateway LBB 3.55 or higher with Motive AI Dashcam or Smart Dashcam.
    • AI Omnicam videos are automatically uploaded on Fleet Dashboard with Dashcam recorded videos for the following driving events:
      • Collision events 
      • Unsafe lane changes
      • Driver pressing the Quick Capture button on the AI Dashcam
    • Fleet Admins and Fleet Managers can request videos from both AI Omnicam and Dashcam at the same time using Motive Fleet Dashboard.


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