How to navigate to fuel stations using Savings Finder in Driver App

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    Motive cardholders get discounts and the best fuel prices at various fuel stations. Motive now shows partner (and some non-partner) fuel stations on a map in the Driver App, with details of fuel prices and discounts. We also provide the ability to navigate to the fuel stations using the default navigation app on the mobile device.

    Note: Currently, the Savings Finder feature is only available for cardholders and not all Driver App users.


    Steps: navigating to fuel stations

    1. Log in to the Driver App and click the hamburger icon (left navigation menu).


    2. Select the Savings Finder option from the menu.


    The Savings Finder screen displays fuel stations (partner and non-partner) and the fuel prices at these stations.

    3. By default, the Savings Finder displays fuel stations close to the driver's current location. Drivers can zoom in, zoom out, pan or enter a different location to find fuel stations in other areas.


    Note: Partner (In-network) fuel stations are those where a discount is available using the Motive Card. Partner (In-network) fuel stations have a logo, whereas no logo is displayed for non-partner fuel stations.


    4. Type a location in the Search Location bar and select the desired location. This displays all the fuel stations present near the location selected.




    5. You can filter the fuel stations in the Savings Finder by fuel type and partnership. The fuel types supported were Diesel and Gasoline. You can also choose to see only In-Network fuel stations or All fuel stations.


    6. Tap on a fuel station on the map to open a card at the bottom of the screen that displays more details.
    7. Tap on the card to view the Details of the fuel station.


    8. To navigate to the fuel station of your choice, select Take me here.


    You can use the navigation apps available on the mobile device to navigate to the fuel station.


    9. On the Map view in Savings Finder, the count of fuel stations nearby is displayed at the bottom of the screen when no fuel station is selected. Tap on it to open the List view.


    10. In the List view, the fuel stations are sorted by ascending order of fuel price, with the cheapest fuel station shown at the top.

    11. Select a fuel station in the List view to open the Details view of the fuel station.



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