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    Driver Walkthrough helps you consolidate your daily tasks into a single workflow with an easy-to-use interface. You can access and complete your daily tasks, such as connecting to the vehicle, performing daily vehicle inspections, signing logs, etc. Driver Walkthroughs help you in the following ways:

    • Helps ensure that you complete all the required daily tasks
    • Helps simplify the onboarding if you’re new to the Motive Driver App
    • You don’t need to go to different places in the Motive Driver App to find and complete different tasks. Instead, you can do everything through a single guided workflow.


    Steps: Completing an available Walkthrough

    1. Open the Driver App.
    2. It displays the available walkthrough on the Home screen.


    3. Tap Start your day.


    4. The tasks available for you to complete appear on the screen.


    Note: The number ¼ on the screen indicates the task you’re at in the Walkthrough and the total no of tasks.


    5. Follow the workflow to complete the task. You can Accept or Reject the log edit suggestion.


    6. Once you’ve completed any task in the walkthrough, hit Next to move on to the next task.



    7. When completing the tasks in the walkthrough, which are customized for you by your Fleet Manager, continue doing it until you see a success message.



    Note: If you complete the walkthrough and need to exit but return later, your progress is saved in the Driver App, and you can resume the walkthrough from where you left off.


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