Installation Guide: Cable 3044 adapter

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    Motive offers Fleets the flexibility to install the Vehicle Gateway efficiently and securely with the Cable 3044 adapter. Read the article below to install Cable 3044 for the Vehicle Gateway safely.


    Installation Requirements: Cable 3044 adapter

    What comes in the box?

    • Cable 3044 adapter

    • Vehicle Gateway

    • Cable (3017, 3015, 3002, 3003, 3035)


    • Multimeter
    • Wire stripper/crimper/snips
    • Wire brush
    • Electrical tape
    • Add-a-circuit fuse tap/ in-line fuse tap
    • 5 Amp fuse
    • Ring terminals


    Steps: Installing the Vehicle Gateway 3044 adapter

    1. Connect the Vehicle Gateway to the Cable 3044 adapter. Make sure both the thumb screws are tightened securely for a stable connection.

    2. Connect the other end of the DB-15 connector of Cable 3044 to the Vehicle Gateway cable.


    Note: Make sure both the thumb screws are tightened well for a secure connection.


    Note: Read this article for Vehicle Gateway cables’ installation.

    3. Remove the protective cap on the secondary power source connection of the Cable 3044 adapter. This uncovers the red (12V or 24V switched ignition power source), blue (PTO/AUX input), and black ground wire.

    4. Turn the ignition switch on.

    Note: Use a multimeter to check the selected wire or fuse box slot. Make sure it has a 12V or 24V power source input.

    5. Turn the ignition switch off and make sure the selected wire or fuse box slot is not drawing any current.

    6. Now, connect the red wire to the selected power source.

    7. Use the multimeter once again to check the ground’s reading. It should display 0 Volts.

    8. Connect the black wire to either the vehicle battery or the chassis ground.

    Note: Motive recommends battery ground over chassis ground.

    9. Use a multimeter to detect the PTO/AUX input. Ensure that the input source reads between 3.3V and 17V in the "ON" position, and between 0V and 2.5V in the "OFF" position. If not needed, ground it.

    10. Connect the blue wire to the PTO/AUX input.

    11. Connect the blue wire to the ground if you don’t need AUX/PTO input on the vehicle.

    12. Once the blue wire of Cable 3044 is connected, turn the PTO equipment on and check the Vehicle Gateway’s LEDs for the following light patterns to confirm the PTO input is detected.

    Note: Cable 3044 only supports AUX 1 input. AUX 2 is not supported on this cable.


    13. Enable PTO/AUX input from the Fleet Dashboard.


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