How to clear Open Defects From Motive Driver Application

    Audience  Drivers
    Applies To Driver App > Logs



    The Driver App allows Drivers to view all the uploaded vehicle inspections for selected vehicles and clear the open vehicle defects.


    Steps: Clearing Open Defects from Maintenance Inspection Reports

    1.  Log in to the Driver App and tap Logs.

    img 1.jpg

    2. Tap to open the current day's log.

    image (78).png

    3. Tap the Inspection tab.

    4. Tap View details.

    image (79).png

    5. Tap the three dots at the top right corner.

    Screenshot_20231121_003751 (3).jpg

    6. Tap Edit.

    Screenshot_20231121_003913 (1).jpg

    7. Tap the Defect Status dropdown.

     image (81).png

    8. Select Defect Status.

    image (82).png

    9. Tap Mechanic Signature.

    10. Request the mechanic to Draw a signature after the defect is fixed.

    11. Tap Certify.

    image (83).png


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