How to change duty status to Yard Move in the Motive Driver App

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    Fleets can now mandate that Drivers must be within a geofenced area to switch their duty status to Yard Move. This ensures precise recording and boosts safety and compliance measures.


    Steps: Changing duty status to Yard Move in the Motive Driver App

    1. Log in to the Driver App and select Logs.


    2. Tap the duty status in the top left corner to change your duty status.


    3. On the duty status screen, select Yard Move.

    Note: You must also enter a note of at least 4 characters. 

    4. Tap Save to finish.


    5. If you're not in a geofenced Yard, you get an error message saying your duty status can't switch to Yard move

    • If you're in a Yard when this happens, contact your Fleet Admin to set up a geofence for the Yard in the Fleet Dashboard.


     6. If you are in a geofenced yard, you see your duty status changed to Yard Move with a green banner confirming the update.


    7. You enter the driving lock screen once the vehicle is IN MOTION. .


    8. Once you have exited the geofence, you automatically get Switched to Driving.



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