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    ELD mode-enabled drivers can turn on Personal Conveyance (Off Duty-Driving) for trips that should not appear as Driving on their record of duty status. This feature is designed in compliance with the FMCSA’s electronic logging device mandate.

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    Note: In the US,  there is no personal conveyance move limit.





    Enabling the Personal Conveyance mode 

    1. Log into the Driver App and tap on Logs. 


    2. From the Logs screen, select your current duty status.


    4. Select Personal Conveyance.
    5. Add Notes and click Save.


    6. A green bar appears that indicates Personal Conveyance is Enabled.


    1. When IN MOTION, you see that the trip is being recorded as Personal Conveyance.


    1. When STATIONARY, you can change your duty status by selecting one of the alternate duty statuses listed.

    2. Tap Save to finish.


    10. On the Logs screen, Personal conveyance trips appear as separate, distinct duty statuses from Off Duty. The graph grid appears to have a dotted line and the trip appears with a green circle in the log list.



    Personal conveyance limit for drivers operating in Canada

    For drivers operating in Canada, the Canadian ELD mandate stipulates that there is a personal conveyance move limit. When drivers exceed a distance limit of 75 kilometers on a day’s log, they are automatically switched to driving in order to remain in compliance.

    Drivers can use personal conveyance in the Motive Driver App:

    1. Once the driver has entered personal conveyance and starts driving, they see this driving lock screen which shows a counter of how much distance they have traveled in personal conveyance.


    1. As the driver continues to drive, the distance continues to count down until they approach their personal conveyance limit.


    3. Once the limit has been reached, drivers see a red banner screen indicating that they have exceeded their driving distance in personal conveyance.


    4. Driver are switched to driving in order to stay compliant.

    Note: Your profile must be enabled to select Personal Conveyance. If you are enabled for ELD mode but do not see these options, contact your Fleet Manager.


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