Editing Your Driver’s Logs

    Audience Fleet Admins, Fleet Managers
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard



    The fleet users can access a driver’s logs showing the trips taken by him along with details about the day, hours worked, distance, hours of service, form, and manner, and inspection report. Fleet users can edit the logs of any driver desired.

    Note: Fleet Admins/Fleet Managers can only edit their drivers' logs that are at least one day old. They can't edit their drivers' current day logs. 



    Steps: Editing driver's logs

    Editing Location, Duty Status, and Notes

    1. Log into the Fleet Dashboard and click on Compliance in the left-hand side menu.
    2. Click on the Logs tab to open the logs of all the drivers.
    3. Use the DriversAll Logs, and Date filters to access the results of your choice.driver_logd.jpeg

    4. Click on the row you want to edit.


    5. Click on the Edit Log button to make changes.


    6. Click on the Insert Duty Status to insert a new duty status.
    7. Edit an existing duty status, by clicking on the Edit present in the Action column of the table below the graph. The Edit Log page displays.


    8. Click on the desired duty status.
    9. Click on the Location field to change the location.
    10. Add notes in the Notes field.


    11. Click on the Confirm button to save the changes.


    Editing Vehicle, Assets, Distance, Carrier Details

    1. Click on the Log Form tab from the Log page.
    2. Edit the desired fields in the GeneralCarrier, and Others sections.
    3. Click on Save button to proceed.


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