How to edit logs and a Past Duty Status on Driver App

    Audience Drivers
    Applies To  Driver App > Compliance 


    The Motive Driver App allows Drivers to record their logs. If a Driver forgets to log their status or makes a mistake, they can edit that duty status.

    Steps: Editing a past duty status on the Driver App

    1. Log in to the Driver App and tap Logs.


    2. Select the log that you want to edit.


    3. Tap the plus + button at the bottom to insert a past duty status, or tap an individual event to make edits.

    Note: You may also select the area on the log graph you want to edit.

    4. On the Edit screen, enter the Start time and End time.
    5. Choose your new Duty Status.
    6. Next, enter the Location and Notes.
    7. Tap Save.

    mob screen.jpg

    8. To view updated logs, tap Form.
    9. Carry over your trailer, shipping documents, and co-driver information.


    10. Tap Sign.
    11. Draw your signature and tap Agree in the upper-right corner.


    12. You can now see the updated logs. Your log graph is updated to reflect the new changes. 



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