What is a DOT Reference Card?

    Audience Fleet Managers, Fleet Admin, Drivers
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard, Driver App



    Every driver using the Driver App and Vehicle Gateway gets a DOT Reference Card. This article goes over what a DOT reference card is and how it helps you.


    How a DOT Reference Card Helps You

    Here are some ways a DOT Reference Card helps Drivers:

    • With Vehicle Gateway, a DOT Reference Card automatically feeds the driving time into the Driver App.
    • It allows the drivers to show their inspection reports to an officer directly from their Driver App.
    • Drivers can share their ELD output file with their managers easily.


    DOT Reference Card Overview


    DOT Reference Card without Vehicle Gateway

    Using the free version of Driver App does not force the drivers to carry the DOT Reference Card. The stand-alone Driver App is compliant with US DOT / FMCSA rule 395.8 regarding Driver's Record of Duty Status. This rule makes no mention of a reference card or instruction card. See how to email or fax your logs here.


    DOT Reference Card with Vehicle Gateway

    Using the Driver App in conjunction with the Vehicle Gateway requires the drivers to carry the DOT Reference Card. A DOT Reference Card is supplied in the original shipment. The Vehicle Gateway automatically records driving time in compliance with US DOT / FMCSA rule 395.15 regarding Automatic On-board Recording Devices and rule 395.20 regarding ELDs. This rule does require an instruction card.


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