What do the AI Dashcam LEDs mean?

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    Applies To AI Dashcam




    The AI Dashcam lights/LEDs indicate different statuses and visual alerts for unsafe behaviors. Click on the relevant link below to learn more details and resolve the issues:

    Solid White in middle:
    Dashcam is on plugin power and hasn't booted up yet

    Progress White (Left to Right):
    Camera is booting up

    Blinking White:
    Camera firmware is being updated

    Single White Blink:
    Camera Reset button is long pressed for 10-15 secs

    Solid Blue:
    Camera is activated and recording

    Exhaling Blue (exhaling from middle to left and right):
    Quick/Driver Capture button is pressed

    Blinking Blue:
    Live Stream is started

    Blinking Yellow:
    Driver is not connected to Vehicle Gateway (Unidentified Driver)

    Blinking Red:
    Harsh or any Unsafe behavior detected

    Blinking Purple:
    Device must be facing some issues i.e. disconnected, heated up etc.

    Solid Green:
    It indicates Driver Privacy Mode being active after engine goes idle/off. Driver facing camera stops recording.


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