How to enable 16-hours Short-Haul exception on Driver App

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    The 16-Hour Short-Haul exception allows drivers on the US 70/8 or US 60/7 cycle to extend the 14-hour window by 2 hours every week. Drivers can reject 16-hours Short-Haul exceptions if it was turned on.

    Learn more about enabling 16-hours short-haul exceptions in this article. 

    Note: Drivers can have a 16-Hour Short-Haul Exception once per cycle, however, conditions apply.


    Steps: Enabling 16-hour Short-Haul exception

    1.Log into the Driver App and tap on Logs.


    2. On the Logs screen, select the day you would like to take the Short-Haul exception.


    3. Tap the + button on the lower-right corner.


    4. Select Take 16 Hour Exception from the pop-up list.


    5. You can see the 16-Hour Short-Haul Exception below the log graph.



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