How to use Yard Move from Motive Driver App

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    Drivers can use Yard Move (On-Duty Driving) for trips that should not be appearing as Driving on their record of duty status. Yard Move feature is designed in compliance with the FMCSA’s electronic logging device mandate.



    Steps : Using Yard Move from Motive Driver App

    1. From the Home screen, slide up.


    2. Set your current duty status to On Duty.


    3. Tap the checkbox Enable Yard Move.

    4. Add notes in the Notes field to explain the purpose of selecting Yard Move.

    5. Tap Save from the top right corner.


    6. When IN MOTION, the trip is recorded as Yard Move.


    Yard Move trips appear as a distinct duty status from on the Logs screen. The graph grid has a dotted line and the trip appears with a green circle in the log list.



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