What is Engine-Off Recording/How to Enable it?

    Audience Fleet Admins
    Applies To Fleet Dashboard > Admin  




    Engine-off recording is a valuable feature that allows the dashcam to continue recording even when the vehicle's engine is turned off. This capability proves particularly useful in hit-and-run cases, ensuring that crucial evidence is captured even when the vehicle is stationary. This feature is available on Motive's smart and AI dashcams.


    How do you enable it?

    This feature can be enabled from the Fleet admins dashboard on two different levels:

    1. Can be enabled on a vehicle level from the vehicle settings page.
    2. Can be enabled globally for all vehicles in the fleet from Safety Settings.


    • For Heavy-duty vehicles, when engine-off recording is enabled, the dashcam will continuously record for 24 hours after the engine is turned off.
    • For Light/Medium duty vehicles, when engine-off recording is enabled, the dashcam will record for 45 minutes after the engine is turned off.


    To ensure the smooth functioning of this feature, it's important update the VIN on the vehicle profile. This enables the system to accurately identify the vehicle class and apply the appropriate settings. Additionally, enabling this feature will have implications for dashcam storage, so it's essential to consider the impact on storage capacity accordingly.


    In case you need assitance you can always reach out to Safety Support team on 855-434-3564.


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