How to change the Time Zone and HOS cycle

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    Applies To  Driver App 



    Motive allows the fleet Drivers to change their time zone and HOS cycle from their Drivers App.


    Steps: Changing Time Zone and HOS cycle 


    Changing the HOS cycle

    1. On the Home screen, tap on the hamburger icon in the top-left corner.


    2. Tap on Settings in the menu.


    3. Tap on Cycle Rules.


    4. Tap on Cycle Rule to choose the HOS Cycle and update the Cargo Type field.
    5. Tap on Save.


    Changing the time zone

    1. To change the time zone, go back to Settings and tap on General.


    2. Tap on the Home Terminal Time Zone field to edit the time zone.
    3. Update the Odometer and Carry Over Trailers and Shipping Docs on Logs field.
    4. Tap on Save.



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