What is DOT Inspection Mode?

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    In DOT inspections, a DOT Officer checks logs, asks for output files (if the Driver is on ELD Mode), and asks other questions to find out if the Driver has been following the Hours of Service Regulation.

    DOT Inspection Mode makes it easier for Drivers to provide output files and show them to the inspector on the spot as well.

    How DOT Inspection Mode Helps You

    DOT Inspection Mode is the handiest feature of the Driver App when it comes to dealing with DOT Inspection officers. Here are some ways it helps you:

    • Informs you if you are compliant with electronic logging devices or automatic on-board recording devices.
    • Shows your logs by beginning inspection.
    • Helps you share output files with the inspector on the spot.


    DOT Inspection Mode Overview

    DOT Inspection Mode is available in the Motive Driver App and can be accessed from the left-hand side menu. It helps the Drivers on the road during a DOT inspection. They can easily share their logs with the officer and if required, send them in the form of an output file as well.

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