How to use Adverse Driving Conditions Exception in Driver App

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    Drivers can use the Adverse Driving Conditions Exception in the Driver App and the exceptions can be approved or declined by the Fleet Admins/Fleet Managers.


    Steps: Using Adverse Driving Conditions Exception 

    1. Open the Motive Driver App and select Logs.


    2. Select current day logs on the Log screen.


    3. Tap the Plus (+) in the bottom right of the screen.


    4. A list to Select an Edit Action displays. Select “Take adverse conditions exception”.


    5. Once the exception is applied, you can see a banner for Adverse Driving Conditions Exception and a remark will automatically be added to the log.


    6. To remove the exception from your current day’s log, tap on the banner showing the exception applied and click on Reject or you can remove it by deleting the remark.



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