How to view CSA Scores on Fleet Dashboard

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    Applies To  Fleet Dashboard > Compliance > CSA Insights 



    Fleet Admins can access CSA scores for desired fleets on the Fleet Dashboard.


    Steps: Viewing CSA Scores on Fleet Dashboard


    View CSA scores for a DOT number

    1. Log in to the Fleet Dashboard and click on Compliance in the left-hand side menu.
    2. From Compliance Hub, select the CSA Insights tab to view your driver CSA score.


    3. If you have selected a group or groups, a yellow banner displays on top of the page stating that the available data is only for the selected DOT number.



    View CSA scores for multiple DOT numbers

    1. From the Compliance Hub, click on the dropdown of the DOT number to view the CSA score for the desired DOT number.
    2. The Basic Summary section shows a list of categories that provide a granular view of CSA score calculation. These categories include Unsafe Driving, Crash Indicator, HOS Compliance, Vehicle Maintenance, and Cont. Substances, Hazardous Materials, and Driver Fitness.CSA_Scores_2_1_2.jpg

    The blue and red dots here indicate the carrier’s percentile score as compared to the set intervention threshold.

    3. Click on the dropdown of Categories to filter readings for your desired basic category.
    4. The trend graph displays the 24-month running history of the measure and percentile over time. The dotted blue line in the graph indicates a projection for the first three upcoming months of a fleet’s measure and percentile.
    5. The Top Violations table shows a breakdown of top violations including seat belt, tires, and brakes all others—and easily pinpoint the violation groups that have the biggest impact on the fleet’s CSA score.CSA_Scores_2_3_4_5.jpg

    6. Scrolling down gives you the BASIC Metrics by State, which allows you to see BASIC metrics broken down by state and easily pinpoint the locations that have the biggest impact on the fleet’s score. Data can be viewed by the number of inspections, violations, and CSA points.



    View BASIC Summary > Percentiles

    1. From the Compliance page, click the CSA Insights tab to view your fleet’s CSA score.
    2. Click on Percentiles in the BASIC Summary section.


    View BASIC Summary > Inspections

    1. Visit the Compliance page.
    2. Select the CSA Insights tab to view the CSA scores for drivers.
    3. Click on Inspections in the BASIC Summary section.


    4. A chart opens for you with two tabs, Inspections with Violations and Inspections without Violations.CSA_scores_4_4.jpg


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