How to accept/reject an assigned unidentified trip

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    Applies To Driver App



    Fleet Managers and Fleet Admins can also assign an unidentified trip to the desired Driver that displays as a Log Edit Suggestion on the main screen of the Driver’s Driver App.


    Steps: Accepting/Rejecting an assigned unidentified trip


    Accept a log edit suggestion

    1. Log into the Driver App and tap on Logs.


    2. Click on the Log Edit Suggestion shown on your main screen to view all the unidentified trips assigned to you.


    Note: Fleet Admins and Fleet Managers are now allowed to assign unidentified trips to their Drivers on the same day.

    3. Tap on the button to approve the log edit suggestion made by Fleet Manager/ Admin.
    Accepting a log edit suggestion includes driving time in your logs for the respective day.



    Reject a log edit suggestion

    1. From the screen of a desired log edit suggestion, tap on the button to reject the log edit suggestion made by Fleet Manager/ Admin.
    Rejecting a log edit suggestion removes the log from the list.



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